I’m an avid traveller, enjoy exploring new towns and cities and bringing home a bagful of experiences! Sharing a page out of my memoir from an unforgettable trip to Cherrapunji.
North-east India has been a relatively unexplored and often underrated part of Indian tourism. It is only in the recent years that it has gained significance in the minds of the Indian traveller. Excited to discover the marvels of the seven sister states, a group of us friends decided to begin with a short 3-night holiday to Cherrapunji, the second wettest place on earth. Here’s a peek into our experience, our takeaways and why North East India is a must-visit for all.
We friends share a common passion for exploring the unexplored by driving through the terrains and spectacles the Indian highways offer. This time the prospect was all the more inviting as the roads are excellent and the scenic views breath-taking. We engaged a four-wheel drive with Awe Rides, the leading car rental service in this part of India. It fit well within our budget and must say, the car was indeed a smooth drive. The representative who received us from an early morning flight at Guwahati airport was kind enough to share details on the best route to Cherrapunji, eateries on the way and some adventure trails in the region. He even told us to stop by at the Mawkdok Dympep Valley, a lovely local viewpoint. With this information, we were all set to let the adrenaline flowing!
Arriving at Cherrapunji that afternoon, we decided to tick off Thangkharang park off our must-do list along with the breath-taking visuals of the Plains of Bangladesh. The lush green expanse at Thangkharang and the cascading view of the Plains of Bangladesh from the basket-shaped cliffs made us feel like we were in seventh heaven. What a perfect start to the holiday!
The next day was filled with fun experiences and picturesque views. Starting with a sight of the adorable Red Panda at Nokrek National Park and the majestic Mawsmai Cave and the Krem Phyllut caves explorations by river, we realised there are so many facets to this little town tucked away in Meghalaya. We also got a sneak peak of the Mawsmai falls, famously known as the seven sisters waterfall. Having our own vehicle made it so much easier to indulge in these experiences, not to mention the independence and control that comes with being behind the wheel!
On day 3, our last at Cherrapunji, we viewed one of the most incredible marvels of nature, the double decker root bridge, complete with a challenging and fun hike the area. Needless to say, we enjoyed local cuisines of bamboo shoot curry, Jadoh and other Garo & Khasi treats at the recommended eateries.
Our short stay at Cherrapunji made us see a side of India we’ve never seen before. Revisits to explore areas of Mawlynnong, Gangtok and other surrounding towns is definitely on the cards!