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List Your Car On Awe Rides Part-Time

If you are a car owner with moderate usage of your vehicle, here’s how the Awe Rides platform can help you earn an additional income from an idle car.

Simply list your existing car as a vendor on the Awe Rides platform and allow us to rent your car during those periods when it isn’t of use to you. You needn’t worry about customer queries, interactions, complaint redressal or any other operational processes. Our team can handle these transactional activities on your behalf. A neat sum of monthly rental proceeds are handed to you that doubles up as an additional source of income for you.

What about the times you need your car for your personal use? Just intimate us and we can disable bookings on your car until you are ready to activate bookings for it again!


List Your Car On Awe Rides Full-Time

For those of you who have the bandwidth to list your car as a vendor on Awe Rides on a full- time basis, allow us to show you how beneficial this can be for you. With a full-time vendor listing system, you can park your car at our secured parking facility and allow us to engage it in rentals throughout the month. At the end of the month, we hand over the rental proceeds to you.

We cover any damage, repair or maintenance requirements for your car and rent them out only to verified customers. Through this arrangement you can enjoy zero hassle rental proceeds for your car, leaving us to manage any operational hassles.


Take Up An Awe Rides Franchisee

With the swelling culture of travellers preferring to explore the road on self-drive rented cars, various other cities in India could be fruitful opportunities in this market. Awe Rides would love to explore how liaising in a Franchisee arrangement with you in different cities in India can benefit you. Through taking forward the Awe Rides brand, you get to run a well-oiled machine we shall help you set-up. Besides fuelling your passion for travel, through this opportunity you stand to gain from various aspects.

  • Leverage the established brand name and goodwill of Awe Rides

  • Enjoy quick and easy establishment of franchisee by building on our knowledge of getting started

  • Benefit from healthy returns with moderate investment in infrastructure and operations

  • Derive from 100% manpower and management support from the rest of us

  • Channelize our online and off-line marketing support readily available to your region and business branch

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Our representatives can help you on various aspects of your travel in addition to Self-drive Car rental in Guwahati. Trust us to apprise you of local eateries, viewpoints, experiences and so much more. No one knows and shows North East India like Awe Rides!

If you have any queries, suggestions or questions regarding how we can serve you better, we would be happy to connect with you.
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Self Drive Car Rental. Hourly/Daily/Weekly Rentals.

Awe Rides is a self drive car rental company in Guwahati and Chandigarh. Awe Rides provide self drive cars and bikes to explore the places you love. You can book your favourite ride using the website, app or over phone.

Self Drive Car Rental in Guwahati

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